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Common Appliance Repair Problems
Many times I get a phone call that says "My dryer is not heating but it still turns on".  This is a common complaint and has a few different solutions.  However a common solution for the Missouri area due to the strong lightning storms we receive comes down to one thing.  The dryer runs on 220 volts in your breaker box which is two switches together.  However if the dryer runs but does not heat then one common problem is the breaker tripped only half the switch.  The heating element is the only thing on the dryer that runs on 220.  So the simple solution is trip the breaker to off then turn it back on again and try your dryer again.
                                                             ---Leonard Mullen
On the Road with the Tech:
On a lot of Appliances there are many mechanical parts that move especially on a dryer and a washing machine.  These are much like a car that has moving parts and wear out with time, requiring appliance repair.  So the next time you hear your dryer squeeking a little louder, humming a little louder or even your washer making a funny noise.  Just remember some things on appliances wear out over time and just need a "50,000 mile" tune-up to get them running right again.
Why Repair?
We live in a busy world. And we have all been trained by this fast paced world to keep buying new updated stuff. If something breaks, throw it away and get a new one. But lets face it. We don't live in the most stable of world's anymore. Its time we all used a little common sense. We all need to hold on to what we have and watch what we spend. That's exactly why appliance repair, instead of replacement, makes so much sense. Quality appliances are expensive. And they all have parts that either produce or endure a lot of friction. And just like anything else, friction leads to break down and failure. And when you consider that most appliance repairs come in at well under $200, it only makes makes good fiscal sense to repair instead of replace.
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